Smart Contract Whitelisting The smart contracts of the Issuer runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the ERC-20 protocol. The Issuers uses the Function “Whitelisted” - respective the function “Token-onlyWhitelisted” to manage the ownership of the token, this means that we have a pool of whitelisted ethereum wallets which are allowed to receive XYZ Tokens. To be whitelisted the potential acquirer of XYZ Tokens needs to be approved by the compliance of the Issuer.

This shows a successful transaction of a token transfer from Whitelisted A to Whitelisted B.

The following example shows a token transfer from Whitelisted A to Not whitelisted

To acquire the status whitelisted, a simple registration under https://kyc.yourdomain.com/register is needed and a full KYC application has to be filled out under https://kyc.yourdomain.com/application

Check out also the Smart Contract Checklist.

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