Smart Contract Checklist

This is an overview how one of the Investhub Contributors checks their Smart Contract as Token Generator in Liechtenstein. Other jurisdiction could collaborate together with other Contributors.

  1. Total Token Supply like prospectus?

  2. Finalise contract (where is cold wallet defined?)

  3. Cold wallet is the owner wallet -

    1. ether transferred there as they go

  4. Add another manager

  5. List of all functions for manager?

    1. Whitelist/Remove from whitelist

    2. Pause/unpause token and sto contract.

    3. NonEther purchase

    4. Finalize STO

    5. Adjust rate

  6. Change allocation ratio crypto/fiatusecase

  7. if fiat will be overrun and ETH not, means we would not be able to adjust it? that would not make senseWhat to do when a FIAT contribution is done?

  8. Add 1337 token contribution to user

  9. Start end date of Contract check

  10. Send after contract ended

  11. Extend Contract

  12. How to calculate Date and Time into uint256?

  13. Min contribution amount like prospectus?min is one token (try to buy decimal token send less or more)

  14. Tokenprice per Prospectus?

  15. price per token in ETH (0,57 ETH)

  16. Unpause contract

  17. Pause contract

  18. Test to add whitelisting entries Tested

  19. Send transaction from non whitelisted here

  20. Send transaction from whitelisted here

  21. Max contributionnot needed

  22. Try to invest over the whitelisted amount

  23. i am not allowed to send more money as I kyced myself as. (regulation)

  24. Sent 3 ETH

  25. E.g Investor adds another KYC (he uses same wallet which was whitelisted, we cant upgrade his whitelist amount therefor we have to remove it first? Or tell investor to use a new wallet?) Right now there is no way to update existing limits. I would suggest they use another address for simplicity and also for clarity.

  26. Claim token after STO

  27. How?

  28. MyEtherWallet/Metamask or create widget to do this.

  29. Remix - Contract address - claim function with investor wallet

  30. Ok. The function hash to claim the tokens is "48c54b9d" You could access MEW and open your account using Metamask. Then in MEW you send the transaction to the contract address and paste as data this hash "48c54b9d", without quotes.

  31. Burn token function for unsold remaining tokens

  32. Try claim interest dividend

  33. Then whitelist him to test if goes through

  34. Only owner not manager can whitelistAdd a token amount (random one) so whitelist goes through

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