Transactions (On and Off-Chain)

Currently we have following transactions within the system. please refer to the Setup Payment Channels Section.

  • Bank Transfer

  • Stripe

  • Crypto



  • TokenSwap

  • Sendwyre

Off-Chain / On-Chain

It is important to know, that we differentiate in following ways to approve transactions: Off-Chain is a simple database entry, which can be done by the accounting team who has access to the Bank account.

On-Chain is the important step to deliver the token to the investor, this can be done currently with Cashlink API on Ethereum and Polygon or through the Smart Contracts of Equanimity AG (registered as Token Creator in Liechtenstein) or with your own Smart Contracts. Each token allocation On-Chain requires the Metamask Interaction.

On-Chain allocation with API:

On-Chain allocation with Metamask:

Bank Transfer (Off-Chain)

This is how you can approve a Bank transfer.

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