Issuer Responsibilities

Issuer Responsibilities Using Investhub Technology

Preparation and Setup

  1. Get Insurance if required

  2. KYC Contract Deployment:

    • Deploy on Testnet.

    • Follow the checklist and test each function as required.

  3. System Configuration:

    • Setup Mailgun.

    • Setup CNAME.

    • Ensure all API keys for production are created at different service providers.

    • Activate 2FA for all admins.

    • Properly introduce all employees handling the system.

    • Verify all settings align with the prospectus and your AML policy.

  4. Security and Monitoring:

    • Regularly check the logs page for inconsistencies (/admin/log-event).

    • Ensure GMG/Acronis is backing up each entry.

    • Obtain a written statement checklist from GMG/Acronis.

    • If using own API keys for Onfido/Idnow, ensure verification goes into your account and test the API keys.

    • Confirm Mailgun settings are correct and all emails are set up properly (issuer should receive a copy of all emails).

    • Monitor for any suspicious activity:

    • Verify pricing is correct.

    • Ensure KYC levels align with your AML policy.

  5. Integration and Backup:

    • If deploying with Cashlink, check backup wallets (Cashlink API Docs).

    • Check any test transactions on the production system and cancel them.

    • Retest export scenarios:

      • Customer is approved but has not placed a transaction yet.

      • Each KYC change triggers a document update using the Acronis revision feature.

Token Sale and Contract Management

  1. Token Exchange Rate:

    • Ensure the token exchange rate is properly added based on the prospectus.

  2. Sale Modes:

    • Verify you are in the correct sale mode (private sale or public sale).

  3. Transaction Limits:

    • Set and test transaction limits in the backend.

  4. Platform and Smart Contracts:

    • Regularly check the platform.

    • Confirm smart contracts are deployed and follow the checklist.

    • Conduct a re-audit of smart contracts.

    • Ensure TVTG registration is done.

    • Update AML policy as needed.

    • Verify bank details for FIAT transfers are correctly added.

    • Confirm the minimum subscription matches the prospectus.

    • Ensure all outsourcing contracts are available.

    • Create and track changes with IKS.

  5. Business Continuity and Compliance:

    • Implement Business Continuity Management.

    • Register for FIU.

    • Register for go AML.

    • Register for eID Liechtenstein.

    • Ensure reports for the previous year are submitted in March if subject to SPG.

    • Hire an Investigation Officer to check yearly progress.

  6. Prospectus and Communication:

    • If a prospectus is required, ensure the summary is translated and notify it via EU Passporting to other jurisdictions.

    • Update the bank about your progress.

    • Complete the dataroom with prospectus data or link to Google Drive and Dropbox for document versioning:

      • Mark invalid prospectuses with "NOT VALID" on top of the PDF without changing the URL.

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