Connect API configure and connect Xero here

Very important, please activate the Multi Currency Feature of Xero First, to make sure that FIAT Accounts and Crypto Accounts, you can do that here right away:

make sure also that the currency is the same in xero and evolve!

  1. Signup for Xero Trial

  2. Go to

    1. Company URL and Application url:

    2. then go to Configuration Tab

    3. Then click Explorer

    4. Allow Access

    5. Click on Show auto-generated headers for Xero Tenant ID

  3. Company or application URL

  4. Connect Xero (make sure multi currency is available)

  5. Select Company Wallet

    1. Choose Network + base currency (needs to be the same like Xero)

  6. Create Multi Currency

  7. Create Tax Rates

    1. we push to Xero Tax Rate

  8. Create Categories

    1. Map Categories with Tax

  9. Activate Auto Expenses

  10. Set Base Currency

    1. This will automatically create also a wallet in this base currency

  11. Receive 1 XSGD, 1 USDC, 1 EURE

    1. fund the wallet with matic for gas fees

  12. Create request / expense Payments in USD, SGD, EUR (settle from native wallets - see in Xero)

  13. if you settle USD in SGD cause no USD Balance - then the Exchange rate applies

  14. Create Auto Reimbursement under threshold

  15. Compare Wallet Balance with Evolve with Xero (should be the same)

  16. Create 1 more Company Wallet

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