Bank Accounts

This gives you a good overview of where you are more likely to get a bank account in the most important jurisdictions in Belgium, UK, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and Dubai.


The primary go to bank is of course Bank Frick, as it has the longest history in terms of corporate banking for Blockchain Startups. There has also been further development with other banks where you have to differentiate between two different aspects: 1. Corporate banking, 2. Receive Investments to issue a token.

Not every bank allows both, if your business is related to Crypto or Blockchain usually, the bank compliance takes additional time to understand your business model, you should give them the time they need, so once you are onboarded there are no surprises.

If you need any support in business banking reach out to our contributing members, they have been doing this for the last 3-4 years. Bank Frick, Sigma Bank, VP Bank.


Monerium is a newcomer and it seems they do a lot of things great with the way of converting a SEPA transaction into on chain EuroE on Ethereum and Polygon. You can generate IBAN which are then tied to your wallets.


If you need a private bank in Switzerland, please reach out to Maerki Baumann.


DBS Bank, let the compliance understand your business model and all will be fine


Use Wise. Its the best service to send cross border money.

United Kingdom

Some people say they onboarded easily with the Revolut Business Account, its the best product out there so if you are lucky to get onboarded, please let us know as well.



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